Dominique Charles


Leadership Coach

Facilitator - EFT Practioner

Positive Life Change



'You can't stop the waves
but you can learn to surf'
Jon Kabat-Zinn

I am an experienced Coach and Trainer with an interest in Positive & Energy Psychology. I have been coaching for more than 15 years and during this time I have been involved with innovative and challenging projects including:

Coaching managers & senior executives

Coaching students in colleges

Innovative Entrepreneurial programmes with young people

Coaching young mothers

Providing coaching support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer

My clients have included:

Whitbread, Nesta, Sainsbury, Hiscox, Mondelez, Virgin Atlantic, Unilever, Pepsico, the Environment Agency, Centrica, Tesco, O2, SAP, Coca Cola, Unicef and Mandarin Oriental.

I’m always learning new tools and expending my knowledge base as coaching requires great flexibility to meet each client’s specific needs.

I love facilitating new ways of thinking, as well as providing individuals with tools and techniques that will help them affect positive and sustainable change.


Communication skills
Career choices/Job satisfaction
Time management
Decision making
Team work


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What clients have said:

"My coach (Dominique) has been brilliant - she is very insightful, and has the ability to read between the lines. She has opened my eyes to some of the things that are happining in my life, and helped with strategies to change habits which are not contributing to my vision of the future. She has also been genuinely caring coach!" IT Manager

"I find it is helping me transform my life and dicover a new and powerful me..." Corporate Communications Manager

"Dominique's probing questions, advice and suggestions have had a really positive impact and helped me make the changes I wanted to make. These calls have been brilliant - Dominique has been really supportive." Finance Manager

Workshop Participants:
  • Thank you again for your efforts and skills, wit and wisdom.
  • Insightful tutor who included everyone and involved people at the level they found most comfortable.
  • Excellent tutor, lots of variety of media/teaching methods.
  • Again thank you so much for the course. I truly enjoyed it and it has made me feel energised and very positive.
  • Dominique uses warmth and humour to make the classes very enjoyable.
  • Very well taught. Liked the way tutor was very aware of energy of group e.g. when to have a break/move around etc. so we never stagnated.


Coaching :

The coaching relationship is tailored to your specific needs and life style.

Telephone Sessions:

The frequency of the sessions is entirely up to you as is the length of the coaching relationship. The sessions usually last around 35 minutes, email support and occasional phone calls in between sessions are included in the price.

Fees are agreed in advance, you will know exactly the cost of the sessions before we start working together.

Face To Face Sessions:

Coaching & EFT
Please contact us to find out more

Training & Workshops:

We design and deliver bespoked training courses and workshops. Please contact us for more details.

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be an amazingly effective way of freeing yourself from emotional distress as well as some physical pains and ailments.

While tuning in to the issue/pain/emotion that you want to address, meridian points (acupressure points) are stimulated by gently tapping the surface of the skin. This process can shift the brain's electrochemistry and therefore its response. So, a self-defeating emotional response, e.g. anger or fear can dissolve, often in a very short space of time.

EFT can be used to relieve:

• Fears, anxieties • Depression • Addictions • Traumas

to enhance:

Performance (work, sport etc) • Confidence

and to facilitate:

Healing Weight loss Pain Management

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